Your usual breakfast: Love and kisses from my son Bruno and a green juice or avocado and scramble eggs
The best compliment you’ve ever received: Members normally say I am a breath of fresh air....
A meal you make when you eat alone: giant couscous salad
Your favourite drink: A big glass of Pinot noir (Volney) or a Grey-Goose martini nice and dry up with 2 olives (hope my partner doesn’t read this is Polish and  he thinks my favourite vodka is Belvedere)
A good book:  21 lessons for the 21st century
A boring task that you secretly enjoy: Stocktaking
A comfort food: Mushroom risotto a la Lukasz
Your private refuge: Gym
An essential film: A good comedy any time (Bad weddings) Your Your favourite part of George: The Bar, I just love it 
Values you’ve passed on to your children: Honesty and curiosity 
A bad habit: I always say what I think