At George, we believe in inspiring our next generation of adults, and paving the way for an amazing future. With that in mind, we have created the George Junior Membership, offering the young ones their own benefits, special events throughout the year, inspiring competitions, their own monthly newsletters full of fun facts and brain-tastic games, and a voice on their thoughts and opinions on George and other matters.

George Junior Members will also receive a Membership Pack upon joining, including a:

  • Book bag

  • Hooded sweatshirt

  • Baseball cap

  • George Junior soft cuddly dachshund

  • Membership card

To apply for a George Junior Membership, please download the Membership Form below* and return it to:
The Membership Office, 26-28 Conway Street, London W1T 6BQ or email to membership@georgeclub.com.

Alternatively email membership@georgeclub.com and our George Junior Membership team will post the forms to you.

*Please note George Junior Membership applicants must have at least one parent as a current George Club Member.

A little more about the newly launched George Junior Membership...


George is proud to announce the new George Junior Membership, designed to inspire the next generation. Members’ children will now have the opportunity to experience their own Membership with tailored benefits, a stimulating events programme and a chance to engage and share ideas with their peers.

The new George Junior Membership will feature a programme of events to excite, entertain and educate. A ‘Kids Committee’ will see little people, making big decisions, ranging from dishes served on the kids menu in the club, to charities and local community projects they could support. The committee will also touch on bigger world issues, such as plastic waste, to discuss ways they think they can help to make a positive impact.

George launched the new Membership on Sunday 12th May with a magnificent Circus Extravaganza. With jugglers and plate spinners and circus themed arts and crafts, keeping the new younger Members entertained throughout the day.

Known for its family orientation, George is excited to open its big blue door to welcome its Junior Members and watch them develop into the next generation of admirable adults.