George x Grace Pop-Up
Monday 4th February, 4pm - 7pm

Join us for an afternoon of healthy discovery and exploration with Grace Belgravia who will be introducing a curated edit of world-class doctors, master therapists, personal trainers and complementary practitioners. Each of whom will be offering mini consultations and personalised recommendations from the sanctuary of George.

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Mini Health & Lifestyle Consultations with Medical Director, Dr Tim Evans
Meet Tim Evans, Medical Director at Grace Belgravia and Apothecary to HM The Queen and the Royal Households. Tim will discuss your overall health goals and the best route to achieving them through simple lifestyle recommendations. He will also discuss the role of genetic testing in preventative medicine and how it can be used to personalise your healthcare approach.


Mini-Nutrition Consultations with Gabriela Peacock
Gabriela Peacock has a BSc Hons in Health Science (Nutritional Therapy) from the University of Westminster and Nutritional Therapy Diploma from The College of Naturopathic Medicine, London. A background in fashion modelling enlightened her to the importance of a nutritious diet and its impact on maintaining a positive, youthful body image.
Gabriela’s approach is patient-centred and evidence-based; she recognises that each person is an individual, with unique requirements and differing health goals.


Mini Sleep Consultations with Dr Ivana Rosenzweig
Dr Ivana Rosenzweig, a Consultant Psychiatrist, is a certified Expert in Sleep Medicine, and one of the UK’s leading neuropsychiatrists, with more than a decade of clinical experience. Her specialist interests are in the importance and use of sleep in brain regeneration and repair, leading to better overall health, control of emotions, and thinking agility.


Mini Skin Consultations with Dr Rabia Malik
Dr Rabia Malik is a Cosmetic and General Practitioner specialising in skin rejuvenation and dermatology. She has turned her back on injectables, instead focusing on a holistic approach to achieve radiant and healthy skin.

Dr Malik will provide 10-minute consultations, based on information from the digital Visia machine which will give you an in-depth analysis of your skin.


Mini Forma Facials
Forma radio frequency technology is the superior choice for the treatment of wrinkles. Forma stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves the skin’s elasticity for long-lasting and remarkable results that firm, tighten, tone and lift the skin to iron out wrinkles. Experience Forma for yourself at the Grace Pop-Up.


Mini Fitness consultations
Duncan Vincent and Melissa Lopez from the Grace Fitness Team will be looking at the way you move alongside your fitness goals to provide personalized fitness tips and advice. They will also be discussing how genetic testing can help to inform a more personalised approach to your fitness and be giving the opportunity to sign-up for a DNA Fit Test.


Mini Body Revolution Massage with Grace Senior Therapist
The Body Revolution Massage is perfect for anyone who trains regularly. It is a functional treatment that is designed to ease tension and aid recovery and is the perfect way to enhance your fitness routine and performance. 


Experience the Grace Infusions Clinic
Each infusion appointment starts with a brief consultation with one of the Grace resident nurses who will recommend the infusion best suited to your requirements.
Grace Anti-Ageing
This infusion is specially formulated with high dose glutathione and the perfect mixture of nutrients to help even skin tone, target ageing, and leave you glowing.
Grace Immune Support
If you’re feeling run down then this is the infusion for you. The replenishing vitamins help support your immune system, decrease oxidative stress and protect against free radical damage – giving you the boost you need.
*Please note that infusions last for 45 minutes and are available on a first come first serve basis