Fashion Fun
Sunday 17th February
12pm - 3pm

  • Design your own hat: Children will start the afternoon with children designing their very own hats that they can model later

  • Personalised T-shirts: The Children will have the opportunity to personalise their very own t-shirt that they can take home with them

  • Getting Cat Walk ready: We will provide loads of ‘high fun’ designer clothes to finish off their perfect outfits

  • Final touches: An outfit is never fully ready without the final touches so we will have a ‘glam station’ which includes glittery tattoos

  • It’s Show Time: At the end of the afternoon the children will have the chance to put on a little cat walk to show off their amazing designs.

Balloon Artist
Sunday 24th Feburary
12pm - 3pm

  • A talented and entertaining Balloon Artist will assist children to learn different subjects through balloon art and develop their craft skills.

  • Cited as ‘hugely talented’ (The Independent) and an incredibly dexterous balloon artist (London Evening Standard)children will be entertained with hours of balloon fun.

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Pirates & Pearls
Sunday 3rd March
12pm - 3pm

  • Each mini pirate will get the chance to design and create their very own flag to fly from their ships

  • Is a pirate really a pirate without a parrot! Our mini pirates will have the opportunity to colour and create their own gliding parrot, but the real question is, which parrot is the fastest? Take your mark, get set, go!

  • The mini pirates can’t be without their hooks, the children will make their own shiny hooks to take home.

  • Time to dig for their treasure the mini pirates in true pirate style must hunt for the buried treasure; some treasure might even taste nice too!

  • The Old Pirate of George is coming to visit, and he guards a chest full of golden coins, the mini pirates must sneak to the treasure without getting caught!

  • We are ready to set sail, but are our mini pirates ready, in this game they must show if they are fit for the sea by following the Captains orders in a game of ‘Captain Says’

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Mr Marvel
Sunday 10th March
12pm - 3pm

  • For the younger party goers we have Marvel's Magical Fun Show. With magic, balloon modelling, an up-to-date Punch & Judy show and live magic rabbit plus a super cool music and dancing, the Marvel party is more fun than you can shake a magic wand at!

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Amanda’s Action Club
Sunday 17th March
12pm - 3pm

  • Amanda’s parties are vibrant, high energy and dynamic, using interactive props, modern music tracks, singing, dancing and educational but fun games

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    In The Garden
    Sunday 24th March
    12pm - 3pm

  • What is in our secret garden?

  • The children will have a chance to find the animals hidden around our garden and learn facts about each one

  • Our favourite animal in the garden is the lady bug. Each child will be able to design their own lady bug that they can take home with them

  • How do our plants really grow - the children will learn about how plants grow and how to take care of them

  • Children will then plant their very own little flower and design a plant pot they can take home with them  

  • Jack and the beanstalk with numbers - children will get to build their own Jack and the beanstalk, each leaf will have a different number to play with.

  • Story time - children will have a chance to enjoy a little story in our cosy garden

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Mother’s Day Special
Sunday 31st March
12pm - 3pm

  • We start our Mother’s Day off in a very traditional way, the children will design a little pop up card for that special person

  • Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a present for Mum. The children will have a chance to make homemade jewellery to give to that special someone

  • All mothers deserve flowers on their special day, but we are doing it with a more personalised twist. The children will design and make bespoke flowers with their very own hands

  • The Merchant of Venice fragrances will provide a Venetian themed gifting area where children can choose a fragrance for their mother. Children can create bespoke labels and marbled wrapping paper as a gift for Mummy